Rt. Hon. Amb. Ijonama Mkpon Amon condemns attack on IYC PRESIDENT

I , Rt. Hon Amb. Ijonama Mkpon Amon, a conscious and proactive Former Speaker of Ijaw youth council,3rd Session Mobile Parliament Worldwide , and the current President General of the Obolo Youth Coalition Worldwide, my attention has been drawn painfully to the unhealthy and unethical attack carried out by Bayelsa State Youths against our Obolo Son and the 8th President of Ijaw Youth Council, Deacon Peter Igbifa.

In my quiet time, I peruse through several comments coming from Former leaders of the council and I have resolve to state the followings:

  1. that the action is an evil act carried out by our Ijaw brothers from bayelsa state.
  2. that the ugly incident is unacceptable to our council and it represents wrong initiative.
  3. that the devilish act by our ijaw brothers from Bayelsa State is a National assault to the Council and we need to quickly and collectively deal with the perpetrators as soon as possible in other to stop forthwith any such future plans against any other future President of Council , otherwise I foresee eminent reprisal..

Secondly, truth be told that Whether we like it or not at this point, that Deacon Peter Igbifa remain our National President of Ijaw Youth Council wherein we collectively elected at Oporoza, of what usefulness is it to embarrass him to this level publicly?.

  1. That, I have served IYC as the Speaker of the 3rd Session Mobile Parliament under Engr. Udengs Eradiri as the National President, a very talented , intellectual and radical administrator, yet nobody from the Eastern Zone have ever raised his/her hands on him, but we collectively worshipped him like our God in Eastern Zone.
  2. It is very correct that Comrade Bristol and Myself at some point in time while our tenure lasted had some misunderstanding with the National President following some constitutional breach , yet we never instigated mob action against him in Eastern Zone or anywhere else, which showed high level of maturity and intellectuality, why the brutal opposite is now the case?.

Could it be because he is from Obolo or can somebody intelligently explain to my understanding?.

  1. We should note that Deacon Peter Igbifa hails from Ataba community in Andoni local government area cum Obolo ethnic nationality, and as such he is an Ijaw man ,hence, our ijaw brothers particularly those in our homogeneous Bayelsa State should respect him and his office as to maintain this long existing relationship.

Moreso, If this act continues without any stringent penalty meted out on the perpetrators as to address this flaws by the so called angry youths,Hmmmmmmm
Hmmmmmmmm…..Hmmmmmm….Hmmmmm, I can vividly assure the perpetrators that, it will definitely result to the application of a reply using any means necessary.

Finally, my their Ijaw brothers and IYC President, Deacon Peter Igbifa, kindly reposition the organization constitutionally so as to avoid subsequent re-occurrence of this shameful act, as this is the second attempt by angry council members on you.

Rt.Hon Ijonama Mkpon Amon.
Former IYC Speaker 3rd Session.
and President General Obolo Youth
Coalition Worldwide.


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